Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winning Tories!

Yup that's right Edinburgh CF and Napier Conservative Association have done it again they have won yet another pub quiz.

This time in the Cumberland bar after a light evenings delivering of european pledges through letterboxes for the fantastic Mr McGill. It was a very close call with only one point in it but the team came through winners after a very tortuous round with confusing words which were supposed to be FABRICS! Not bad out of 15 teams :)

Sadly that is the last official student event of term however we will be updating you on the young professionals and returning students activities over the summer months. Dont forget to keep checking out blog and facebook for upcoming events. With a picnic in the meadows, at least two festivals, pig racing, a by-election or two plus numerous other social events it will be an exciting time.

If you are interested in youthful tory blogs keep an eye out for Tory Bear although sadly he is leaving Scotland for English pastures so the hunt is on for a new blogger extraordinaire.

Have a great summer :)

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