Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a wonderful world!

Yes thats right...

The European Election are nearly upon us,
Perth Conference has had great reviews,
Conservative Future Scotland has a new team in place,
The Government is in turmoil,
The Speaker is resigning,
We may soon have another by-election,
Life is EXCITING...

So what can YOU do about it?

Well for starters...
If you can spare the time on Monday evening (the 25th) then your help would be really appreciated at Edinburgh North and Leith to deliver european pledges. Starting at 6pm in Northumberland street we will be finishing at an undisclosed location where beveridges will be consumed and a pub quiz will be partaken of.

Then for entrees
Struan's Stevenson's team are coming to Edinbrgh South on Thursday 28May from 9-10am in Morningside. They will have an 'AdVan' and will bedistributing leaflets and would like folk to join them. They will bemeeting at M&S Simply Food on Morningside Road.

Cameron Rose and Edinburgh South would love to have some sprightly young bodies on Friday the 29th of May and Saturday the 6th of June for lampost duty!

The main dish of the day is currently the European Elections and all things associated.

The reason why we have so many bad politicians is because we don't scrutinise them enough when it comes to voting them in... that's why these European Elections are so important. With two Conservative MEPs in Scotland, we've managed to do the unthinkable and use the European Parliament as a force for positive change.

Struan Stevenson is one of the hardest working and most successful British MEPs and Belinda Don (hoping to replace John Purves, who retires next month) has been his right hand in the Edinburgh office; We must do everything we can to make sure they keep the flame of hope and change alive in Brussels.

To make sure this happens we're going to be stepping up the campaign on the last weekend of the election campaign (from Saturday 30th May) and it would be brilliant if you were able to lend a hand, whatever your speciality we've got something for you to use it on throughout the city; street stalls, envelope stuffing, leaflet delivering, phone canvassing and partying.

If you prefer the alternative menu of socialising only then...

Firstly there is that afore mentioned pub quiz on Monday the 25th May,

Secondly we will be having a picnic in the meadows on the 6th of June where electioning/ politicing and anything serious need not be discussed.

Thirdly if you would prefer to plan for the end of June then make a note of the 26th when we will be heading to join the Edinburgh South Pig Race Night!

And finally looking into July (the 14th to be precise) it is about time for a summery dough experience at Pizza Express!

That's a fairly full menu/calendar to be getting on with so have a great summer and I look forward to seeing many of you at our forthcoming events.


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