Sunday, August 5, 2007

Conservative Future Edinburgh So Far

I thought it was about time for a small update on the workings of Edinburgh so here goes.

Since the proposed committee meeting there have been two official informal events of magnanimous proportions or rather at least 15 people turned up to socialise at both gatherings.

The first was a collection of souls to celbrate the end of the Blairism era. This occured within the wonderful Dragonfly establishment situated at West Port on the 27th of June. Various pieces of photographic evidence are viewable on facebook in Mr Fells Random 2007 album and may in time be transferrred to other deadly locations.

The second was a congregation in the Queens Arms on the 18th of July. This event was proposed to explore the intricacies of the Indian independance bill, the introduction of the secret ballot act and the unveiling of the Cenotaph. The revellers were encouraged to acquire stamped drinking cards and participate in the establishments trivia challenge. An important point to note #Conservative team table 5 were the winners of the challenge gaining free beveridges!#

Other events that CFEdinburgh members have attended are the Scotia Pride event and the Opening of the Scottish Parliament. At the Scotia Pride event CFEdinburgh members were in charge of the Conservative stall. We were the only political party there with a sponsered stall and the feedback about LGBTory was excellent.

It was nice to see so many people at the Parliament opening and we were joined by a member of Conservative Future Glasgow to help with the waving of the Union Jack's, Saltire's and a Falkland Flag. There was considerable shock amongst the gathering when a particular male declined the acceptance of a union flag.

I think that is about it for updating you of CFE activities for just now. Our next event will be a picnic in the Meadows on the 12th of August.

Have a lovely summer enjoying the ocassional glimpses of summer sunshine.

Henrietta (Chair Edinburgh Conservative Future)